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Can we edit the Google Form before the test starts.

We have already purchased tests to use in our Google Classrooms. Now we are adding AutoProctor add on to the exam papers which are Google Forms and posting the link in the Google Classroom.  We are also scheduling the exams to be on the 18th of December. which another few days from now.  My question is :

1. If we edit the contents of the Google Forms, before the date and the time of the exam, without making any changes to file name and file location, do we have to re-post the AutoProctor link in the Google Classroom. 


You can make as many changes to the Google Form as you want. They will be reflected real-time on AutoProctor. So, you don't need to re-post the AutoProctor link.

The AutoProctor link is similar to the Google Form link. The link remains the same. The content inside the link changes, depending on what you have updated it to be.

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Thank you very much for the prompt reply. 

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